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Image by James Harrison


Learn to code with District Scholars founder Paul Nicholsen!  Paul will put together a personalized, project-based curriculum and provide one-on-one support to help you develop the skills needed to succeed in the field of software and web development, including Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS and many associated tools and libraries.  For children 12 and under, Paul uses the Scratch language developed at MIT to teach basic programming concepts like conditional logic, loops, and variables.

Paul has worked for a decade in the field of software development and IT at such prestigious institutions as Dow Jones, the Library of Congress and Amazon Web Services.  He also taught at Flatiron School where he helped hundreds of students with no prior programming experience learn the skills needed for a career in software development.  As a self-taught developer, he understands how challenging this path can be to walk alone, and how important it is to have someone help you through the tough parts.

Whether you're a kid looking for some enrichment or an adult seeking to make a career switch, programming can open new doors and teach you new ways of thinking and problem solving.  And what's more... it's fun!

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